How to Fix the Red Ring of Death in 25 Minutes

This is my story on how I fixed the Red Ring of Death from my Xbox 360.  If you want to skip straight to the solution, just click here.

I fixed my Xbox 360′s red ring of death in 25 minutes, and I’m about to tell you how.  Did you know that the Microsoft Xbox 360 “Red Ring of Death” rate is reportedly over 50%?  That’s just stupid.  In a survey of 5,000 console owners, 54.6% of them had been hit with the red ring of death!  Completely unacceptable.

It happened to me just last week.  My girlfriend was away for the weekend and it was Friday night.  I had a few friends over, and we were playing Madden ’10.  Excited to have a whole weekend where I could play some games (I rarely have the time I used to anymore), things were looking good.  We were midway through our second game, and right out of nowhere, everything just died on us.

We tried turning it back on, and it was exactly what I was fearing in the back of my mind:  the dreaded Red Ring of Death (aka the “RROD”).  Seriously, what a way to ruin a weekend!  We were all pretty bummed to say the least.

How I ultimately fixed it.

One of my friends had experienced the same thing last year, and had to wait over 7 weeks before he finally got his 360 back from Microsoft.  I had also learned that Microsoft may charge $100 and up to fix this after doing some reading online.  I obviously wasn’t happy about this.

I called my friend James.  If anyone knew how to fix this kind of thing, it’d be him.  He told me that my best bet was a repair guide that his brother at college had bought earlier this year when his Xbox 360 broke.  It’d be my cheapest and fastest bet, and I checked it out.

The cool thing this guide is that they guaranteed I’d have my Xbox 360 fixed in under an hour, or I’d get all of my money back with no questions asked.  After checking out the site, I decided it was worth taking my chances for a small price compared to what it might cost me otherwise.

Check out the repair guide here.

Lo and behold, this guide shared a few possible solutions with me and gave me a number of different suggestions.  25 minutes into the whole thing, I was literally back in action.  And it was only 8:30 at night, so there was plenty of time left to get back to our Madden (and then some Halo 3).

Hopefully the red ring of death won’t happen to me again (they also give suggestions about how to prevent this for the future), but if it does, I won’t need to spend another dime.  I have all of the info I need, thanks to the 3 Red Light Fix.

If you’re in the same boat that I was just in, check it out.  I can just about guarantee you’ll be up and running within an hour, and you’ll have your money back if you’re not.  There’s nothing to lose.  And Microsoft, I plead with you to fix your products.  This is unacceptable.

Fix your Xbox 360 from the Red Ring of Death in an hour or less, or your money back.

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